Art Guidelines

All digital files must be submitted using these guidelines to ensure proper output and eliminate production mistakes. All art considered “Camera Ready” or “Output Ready” will be sent directly through our in-house service bureau. Each color is to be on a separate template or digital file. Art that is found to be incorrect will not be moved on to production. We will notify our customers of any problems prior to printing in order to reach optimum quality output. Any in-house corrections needed to be made due to incorrect file format, color separations, etc. will be done at the customer’s request and at a rate of $40 per hour.

The Questions?

Address: 9629 Scipio Lane Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Phone: 843-215-6123

Starr Schafer, Sales
Email: Sales

Jennifer Joye, Sales
Email: Sales

Jennifer Joye, Sales

Email: Sales

Denny Green, Art Director

Email: Art Director

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

“Camera Ready” / “Output Ready” guidelines

  •  All type must be included w/ screen & printer fonts or “converted to outlines.
  •  Save files with registration marks.
  • Be sure to include instructions for design placement. -i.e. Front left pocket, center back, etc.
  • Please specify “coated” or “uncoated” Pantone or ink formula numbers labeled on each separation.
  • Include numbered separations.
  • Separate template or digital file for each color (standard 4 color process is the exception).
  • Include paper separations & color proof.

File Formats: Art created on IMB or Windows based PC’s are usually handled by a service bureau using the same platform. (In-house art corrections are billed at $40 per hr.)

Photoshop: We request all artwork created in Photoshop be saved in RGB mode at a minimum 300dpi/lpi. Also be sure to preserve layers and masks upon saving. This will ensure proper color matching, separations, and a quality screen-print.

Freehand & Illustrator: When using blends between colors, be sure to keep the steps below 20. Keep all strokes and outlines above 1.5pt.

Fonts: Submit all screen fonts and printer fonts or simply convert your type to “outlines” (illustrator), “paths” (Freehand).

Proofs: All digital files supplied must have a proof or shirt sample to verify rinting objective.

Colors: Be sure to include a list of all colors to be printed. If you are unsure, simply call your sales rep who will glad to assist you. Specify Pantone #s or Ink formula #s.

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